Spud's cousin, Samuel, is a TV weatherman who is now unemployed, obstensibly for pushing the boundaries of the accepted weatherman's dress code. A former All-American Linebacker at an NCAA Division II school, Samuel is a gentle spirit who lives to dispense the daily forecast, although due to budgetary constraints, he must now do so without the accepted trappings of satellite photos or Doppler Radar. He continues to beg Spud for the opportunity to one day deliver a weather forecast on the show. Although meteorology is Samuel's avocation, he has a second mission in life - to spread the word of the benefits of Cocktail Peanuts. Samuel feels that the world would indeed be a better place if we could all let the gift of Cocktail Peanuts bridge the gulf between cultures.

A Message From Samuel

Samuel and Spud Debate Cocktail Peanuts

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