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Sylvia's Wet Kiss - Falling in Love
Greg - Butt Cheeks
Kathy - Fed Up
Randy - Microwave Popcorn

Here's previous Video Blogs from Sylvia, Greg, Kathy and Randy:


Sylvia - Wet Kiss Greg - The Pitch
Sylvia's Wet Kiss - Let Me Entertain You Greg - Derriere
Sylvia's Wet Kiss - Mail Call Greg - Rejection
Sylvia's Wet Kiss - A Star is Born Greg - Web Site Ads??
Sylvia's Wet Kiss - Cyber Sex Greg - Pay Site?
Sylvia's Wet Kiss - Chat Room Romance Greg - Fan Mail
Kathy - Bad Day Randy - Intelligent Intelligence
Kathy - A Better Day  
Kathy - No Tease Please
Kathy - Frat Boy Speak  
Kathy - One on One  

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