The Spud Goodman Show celebrates the life of Judith Samuels Kay, the talented actress who for three decades portrayed Spud's ambitious but loving mother Saffola.

Judith was a pioneer broadcaster, who appeared in the CBS television series The Goldbergs in the late 1940s. She was an educator who taught broadcasting and acting, and turned around a failing broadcasting school in Seattle in the 1970s. And she was a talented musician who could play several instruments, taught music, and appeared in many musical stage shows.

She joined the cast of the Spud Goodman Show in the 1980s, and continued to play Spud's mom until the week before her passing last year. She was a friend and inspiration to all of us, and to a lucky few, the doting Jewish mother everyone deserves.

We're sure that wherever she is now, she's wowing 'em, just as she did us, and all fans of the Spud Goodman Show, as these clips will attest. Shalom, Judith and Saffola.