Here Spud Goodman will highlight some live music from mid-90's Seattle area musicians. Some famous, some to be famous, some to never be heard from again (just don't send us you complaints about sucking up your bandwidth.)

The Young Fresh Fellows - Monkey Say

TAD - Throat Locust

The Mono Men - Your Eyes

The Mono Men - Wrecker/Testify

Ronnie Cooper Band - Tribute to Nirvana

Ronnie Cooper Band - Tribute to the Doors

The Surly Bitches - My Breasts Are Out Of Control

The Surly Bitches - I Won't Have Paul Anka's Baby

The Lemons - In My Way

Captain Puget - The Last Settler

Captain Puget - Ode to Puget Sound

Duffy Bishop Band - Louisiana Flood

Duffy Bishop Band - Rollin and Tumblin

Squirt - Pizza Chicken Burger

Squirt - Evel Knieval